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Leo’s Workshop

Written by Pixar story veteran, Jim Capobianco, Leo’s Workshop is a charming and whimsical TV series for children aged 6 to 9 years-old about Leonardo da Vinci

Currently in development: Based on ​The Inven­tor” feature film, ​Leo’s Work­shop” is a TV series to com­plete our jour­ney with Leonar­do da Vin­ci!

Leo’s Workshop showcases the daily creative routines of Leonardo da Vinci and a group of young apprentices and friends that work alongside the imaginative artist in his workshop, using a unique combination of stop-motion and hand drawn animation.

We all know Leonardo da Vinci was the genius inventor, engineer & artist of the Renaissance but what we don’t know is what went on behind the scenes.

How did Leonardo deal with the machinations and whims of the court of Duke Ludovico Sforza who was stuck decidedly in the simple minded, superstitious past? How did Leonardo’s scientific knowledge mix with the medieval thinking of a 15th Century world?

On the way, you will meet our favourite characters including little Duchess Bianca, Salaì, Zoroastro, Atalante, Mama Caterina and of course Sfumato, Leo’s time travelling cat! Explore curious facts, inventions and whimsical adventures for all the family in Leo’s Workshop. 

A co-production between Curiosity Studio (Ireland), Foliascope (France) and Aerial Contrivance Workshop.

News & Project Updates:

Leo’s Workshop selected for Cartoon Forum 2022. Meet us at Cartoon Forum in Tolouse, September 19th-22nd


Co-Production, TV-Show, Animation

  • ADAP­TA­TION FROM The Inven­tor
  • TV Series, 26 x 13′
  • AUDIENCE: Children 6-9 years
  • AUTHOR(S) OF THE ORIG­I­NAL WORK: Jim Capo­bian­co