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twin-swings and see-saws at Playground of Sound, an interactive outdoor installation

Playground of Sound, an interactive outdoor installation

Experience an interactive and musical garden and playground. Touch the plants to play the piano and conduct your personal choir. Find a partner for the “sea-saw” to activate the sounds of the sea and hold hands with a friend on the twin-swing to compose the bird-song and the dawn chorus. Step on the stepping stones to hear crickets, lions and elephants come alive.

Re-imagining how we interact with our city and our playgrounds the installation was designed with hidden technology transforming every surface of the playground into a touch-reactive musical instrument.

When playing on the swings and see-saws users activated sounds and were able to compose their own unique songs of the city. With each element needing two or more people to ‘play’ together.

Playground of Sound can reanimate any city scape as a playful, joyous and inviting space for people of all ages. For all touring inquiries please contact


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