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The Festival of Curiosity

The Festival of Curiosity is an international festival of science, arts, design and technology that takes place in Dublin, Ireland annually each summer

The Curiosity Studio’s Directors Ellen Byrne and Vince Mc Carthy co-founded  The Festival of Curiosity in 2013. With over 45,000 attendees each year across 14 venues in Dublin City Centre, the festival is Ireland’s annual celebration at the intersection of art, science, technology and design and has quickly grown to be one of the most exciting and innovative festivals of it’s kind in Europe.

The festival takes a brand new, innovative & research-led approach to audience participation and public engagement and has sold out every year since the festival’s inception in 2013.

From Playful Days to Curious Nights the festival is a city-wide cultural feast that merges cutting-edge technology, design, arts and science in playful, immersive & curious ways. From pop up playgrounds to performance arts to curious film screenings and supper clubs to digital interactive and immersive experiences for all ages, the city comes alive in an energetic and surprising series of events.

The 2020 & 2021 festival editions took place in new digital, virtual, and blended formats for people of all ages to explore and discover science, arts, design, and technology in playful new ways – so we could stay safe during COVID restrictions while staying curious!


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