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immersive interactive exhibition 360° Mirrored Infinity Nature Garden experience

Urban Escape

URBAN ESCAPE is an award winning immersive interactive exhibition. Urban Escape is currently available for adaptation and touring

Curiosity Studio Director Ellen Byrne was awarded a Wellcome Trust People Award to design, create and produce a 4-story immersive exhibition URBAN ESCAPE for people of all ages to explore the effect our day-to-day environment can have on our brain and our bodies.

Using the latest research in neuroscience, participants wear biosensors as they explore a series of immersive rooms where they track in realtime how their brainwaves change and respond to different stimuli. Each room provides a different stimulus from nature to sound and colour immersion. These included an immersive 360° Mirrored Infinity Nature Garden, an Immersive Colouring Room and a Sensory Sound Bath.

At the end of the exhibition there is a surprise ‘Drunk Tank Pink’ room which acts as a comical but cautionary tale for believing everything you are told, the importance of sourcing information and equipping participants with tools on how to spot fake news and pseudo-scientific claims. ­

The Curiosity Studio worked with National Geographic explorer Dr. Tierney Thys to respond to her cutting edge Neurobiophilia research and bringing it to life for a public audience to explore.

The exhibition originally took place in Atrium at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios in Dublin, Ireland but is available for adaptation and touring.

We most recently toured elements of Urban Escape – BRAIN/WAVE and COLOUR/WAVE – to Toronto, Canada at the Global Concordia Forum.
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